Wednesday, March 1, 2017

References: Dual Universe

Good reference in terms of what "No Man's Sky" could be if the server part would be implemented:

Kickstarter Trailer

16 minutes of gameplay.

References: BattleZone VR

An excellent reference in visuals and gameplay: BattleZone VR

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Logos I

First iterations with logos and possible graphics decals for the spaceship or uniforms.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gameplay Ideas


  •   Hunt interstellar criminals that hide in a planet, asteroid, space ship cementery, etc
  •   Ship navigation based on skills, tools, and resource management


  • Groups of small enemies that come fast attack and go away to turn around to attack again, this ones can be fast and damaging, as well as protected on the front but vulnerable in the back side.
  • Mines or traps, for example a mine that will trigger many small rockets to launch to the sky then target the player and approach the player at medium speed, which gives the player the chance to raise top shields and/or start taking them down with Vulcan shots.
  • Groups of small enemies that fallow formations around the players ship, from different angles,  and shooting at intervals, for gameplay mechanics:
    •  The groups will have different types of enemies that have weaknesses to different weapons, this to have the player use different weapons and managing energy for the use of weapons, maybe some weapons require high levels of energy.
    • Some have to be dealt with faster than others because of their potential danger, this can be used to make the player control the shields of the ship so its reinforced against the enemies that need to be dealt with later allowing them shooting opportunities.
    • Enemies will move around the player upper hemisphere so the oculus can be used to search for the enemies and the cockpit rotated, this will let the user set up shields levels on different part of the ship easier as well as shooting the enemies
  • Medium and Large enemies, this combine different parts with different weaknesses and have different weapons attached that will need to be dealt in different orders, also we could have part that need to be destroyed first to reveal internals that are shoot to destroy the enemy, like taking a shell of it first.
  • There can be a combination of these enemies that attack the user at a given time to make things more chaotic, but we have to be careful to be fair with the amount of enemies attacking the player.
  • Some enemies could be very hard unless the user has the right equipment, for example enemies with EMP bursts could be very hard for a player unless they have a counter measurement add on that can nullify or reduce the effects of EMP, even a alternative energy source that will trigger then the EMP affected the player, or camouflaged enemies that require a radar add on to uncloak them, or a disrupting wave that will turn of their camo, etc.


"Water world"

Small planetoid with shallow liquid, could be liquid methane, sea, with very alien looking athmosphere, 

there can be some deep areas, like holes that go deep inside the planet that need to be investigated to find the bounty.
there can be strange island like growths, and geysers.

The hunt can be a mix of under "water" level ending up chasing the bounty to the surface and fighting on the shallow waters. The ship would hover over the shallow liquid parts.


  • Player has money that has to be spent in repairs, addons, mission consumables (fuel, ammo,etc)
  • Player ship can be destroyed, this activates the user ejection system and saves the player, but money needs to be spent in a new ship maybe user needs to borrow money , negative money balance?.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

HUD - 3D Modeling and infography

The HUD with the 3D modelling and some infography. Not very convinced about the lower box that contains the holograms. Looks cheap or old.